Wednesday, November 17, 2010

November R-12 Ride - Noximixon 200k

Al Reaches the top of Center Hill Road in Pennsylvania on the Noximixon 200k
The second weekend of the month would provide the right weather opportunity to fullfull the November R-12 requirement.  Originally, I was targeting for the first weekend, but a head cold combined with a chilly weather forecast had me thinking better of it.  My friend Al agreed to wait until the next weekend to do the ride with me.  With only a few choices in the area to pick from we decideded to ride my friend Paul's Noximixon 200k from Princeton Junction NJ to Richlaytown PA and back.  We would pass by the ride's namesake lake on the way. 
Adjusting clothing at Lambertville as the day warms up
At the first sign of light, just prior to the 7am start, I looked into the sky and saw nothing,  Not a single cloud. None would make an appearance for the entire day.  We departed the Southfield Shopping Center in Princeton Junction enduring a chilly 34F air temperature.  The cold was very temporary as bright sunshine brought us into the fifties by the first control at Lambertville.  Then up to a balmy 67F by the Richalytown control around lunchtime.  The Nox route features lots of climbing, but is laid out in such a way that there are easy sections before and after hilly stretches.

Al at Lake Noximixon
After Richlaytown we crossed the river back into New Jersey via the Milford bridge, after undertaking the toughest climb on the course (IMHO) Center Hill Road.  It was then clear sailing to Frenchtown whereafter we would take on Horseshoe Bend Road, which is a rather hilly three miles of blacktop.  We would be on moderate to rolling terrain until Ringoes. The next challenge being the climb into the Sourlands up Lindbergh Road where darkness would finally overtake us.  The lack of sun caused the air temperare to quickly plummet down to the forties.  I was not prepared for how fast it got cold and needed to stop shortly after the climb to put on a jacket.  Normally, I try not to stop between controls, but this time it was unavoidable as I was freezing.  Thankfully, there was another good size climb ahead, Old Gerogetown Road, to help me warm back up.  Once at the Kendall Park control I spent twenty minutes putting back on every piece of clothing and gear I took off during the day.  After which it was a comfortable eleven mile cruise to the finish. 

This little guy keeps guard at the top of the hill on Center Hill Road
Our time was a leisurely 12hrs and 30 minutues, but neither of us cared.  It's another brevet card to post on the wall.  For Al it was number 11 towards his first R-12 which began with his first official Permanent in January.  I'm looking forward to riding next month's 200k with him.  Date and location to be determined later.