Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Fever

March 30, 2009

It's been almost three weeks since I took the plunge into the cycling minority of recumbent riders. I've logged a total of 272 miles on eight separate rides. I was hoping to have accomplished more, but the early spring weather in the east is somewhat limiting, at least for me. I know some hard core folks who will ride in practically anything. For myself I could never get motivated to go out and suffer through bitter cold or wet weather. In that spirit I passed on the 200k permanent because of rain and the threat of thunder storms. I am now facing a 200k brevet this weekend in Ohio. I'm traveling through the area en-route to Missouri and Arkansas. Since the ride fit my schedule I decided to sign up. I am plenty nervous about it because I feel like I've not trained enough.

Although, I am improving with the bike handling and climbing. I can manage a tough hill without weaving all over the road. I've become much more comfortable cycling on roads with heavier car traffic. I bought one of those little helmet mirrors, which I always used to think were kind of silly; amazing how ones thinking can change. Stopping and starting are feeling much more natural and best of all my butt muscles don't feel like stretched piano wire when I'm finished with a ride anymore. I am a long way from being 200k confident, but I'm hoping to get in one long 80 - 100 mile ride before departing this weekend. If I can mix in a few good hills with those miles, and not feel totally wasted at the end, that may provide the mental boost I need. The weather for the next two days looks tolerable. Tomorrow I'm planning on commuting to work and the day after I'll try for the long ride. Hopefully , that will see me through.

Stay Tuned!

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