Tuesday, September 7, 2010

NJ Randonneurs - Annual Meeting and Ride

The day after my return from Canada was the annual meeting for my rando club, New Jersey Randonneurs.  As in the past a pre-meeting 25 mile bike ride was available for all who wished to attend.  The ride is a casual-social-get-together attended by the RBA and a few of the ride organizers and volunteers. Just to make it more fun and interesting we try to schedule it on a rainy day.  This year we were successful.  Five bikes with six riders showed up at the appointed meeting place The Hibernia Diner in Rockaway, NJ.   The sixth rider would be the stoker of the tandem.  What was rather interesting was that no two bikes were of the same type.  There was a fixed gear, a recumbent, a folding bike, a tandem and one standard upright.  The uniqueness of it combined with the rain (heavy at times) made it one of the zaniest and fun rides I've ever been on.
Left to right: Yours truly (Jamis Sputnik Fixie); Len  (Rans Recumbent); Leroy (Specialized Roubaix); Paul  (Bike Friday) Katie  (Co-Motion Tandem); Jon (not pictured is tandem partner taking photo)
All riders including tandem stoker Jon
  After toweling off and heading to the Legion Hall in nearby Dover, NJ we would enjoy a catered lunch arranged by club secretary extraordinaire Katie.  After which we got down to business hammering out our events schedule for the 2011 season.  The club enjoyed a large increase in participation this year.  Next year should prove to be even better.  For info on our meeting an event schedule for 2011 visit the web site at www.njrando.com.

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