Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Year's Day - Jan R-12 - Pinelands 207k

In what is becoming a tradition for me I started the New Year with a Permanent ride.  With unseasonably warm weather three of us started out from the McDonalds in Rancoccas for a flat tour of southern New Jersey.  We were 15 minutes past our scheduled 8am start time.   My friends Paul and Nigel completed the trio of riders, all three of us were on fixed gears.  The mostly flat terrain would lend itself well to the single cog bikes.  We took turns pulling through the windy sections which were substantial. We lost count of the numerous cranberry bogs and blueberry fields that we passed by.

The temperature worked it's way into the upper 50's at the high point of the day.  As nightfall caught up to us so did a few rain showers.  Mostly, it didn't rain hard enough, or long enough, to make things unpleasant.  We continued taking turns on the front managing a respectable pace through to the finish.  We were back at the McDonalds in 10 hours 47 minutes. We had taken our time at most of the control stops, not really worrying about posting a fast time.  None of us could think of a better way to bring in the New Year. 


Of all the awards one can earn the R-12 is perhaps the most satisfying.  Without a doubt it requires relentless dedication.  Especially for riders in regions where wintry weather can make scheduling extremely difficult.  Stringing together multiple R-12 series' adds to the challenge.  My friend Paul completed his third R-12, or R-36 as I like to call it, upon completion of the permanent.  In my opinion RUSA should offer a special award for any rider that completes a string of five R-12's.  Indeed an accomplishment worthy of recognition. 
Happy New Year!

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